Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Children's Book - Sunny's Adventures Just Released!

Sunny's Adventures - Fun Mysteries Solved is finally here! This is a great children's book that was written by Leketha Marie Johnson and illustrated with delightful pictures by Shawn McCann. This story is sure to engage your child's critical thinking skills as they help solve mysteries right along with the main character Sunny. They'll help figure out who stole the missing pie, who took the class turtle, locate a disappearing puppy, find a lost doll, and uncover the findings of a diamond ring! Buy your copy today at! Also, make sure your child enters the Sunny's Adventures coloring contest for some great prizes. And for parents, make sure you sign up for your free newsletter with a lot of important information for kids!

Excerpts from the book:

Chapter 1: "It's going to be a good day today," Sunny said as she sat at the kitchen counter helping her grandmother make her delicious double-layer lemon cake. It was Sunny's favorite dessert in the whole wide world. Her grandmother put just enough lemon juice and powdered sugar in it to make the moist treat melt right in your mouth.
Chapter 2: "Okay students, let's all settle down and sit in your seats as I have some very important information to discuss with you," their teacher Mrs. Peabody instructed. Everyone found their seats and immediately got quiet so they could hear what their teacher had to say.
"It appears we have a problem, class. Our pet turtle Wilma has disappeared from our classroom."
Chapter 3: Sunny had so much fun helping her mom to make their apple streusel blueberry pie. The blueberries were the secret ingredients Grandma had added in this year. They had already taste-tested it at home and it was an absolutely a winner as far as Sunny was concerned.
Chapter 4: All of the students scurried around trying to quickly get their personal toys left on the bench so they could hurry up and get in line. As everyone formed two lines, one for boys and one for girls, a student named Tara shrilled loudly, "Oh no, my doll is missing! Where is she?"
Chapter 5: Sunny said carefully, "Mom, I have to do some school research regarding the history of diamonds. Can I look at your wedding ring for a minute please? It will help me with my paper." That was pretty clever, Sunny happily thought to herself. She'll never suspect a thing.
Buy your copy of Sunny's Adventures today at!

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