Monday, January 7, 2008

Excerpt's From Sunny's Adventures

...from my book.

#1“It’s going to be a good day today,” Sunny said as she sat at the kitchen counter helping her grandmother make her delicious double-layer lemon cake. It was Sunny’s favorite dessert in the whole wide world. Her grandmother put just enough lemon juice and powdered sugar in it to make the moist treat melt right in your mouth.

#2“Okay students, let’s all settle down and sit in your seats as I have some very important information to discuss with you,” their teacher Mrs. Peabody instructed. Everyone found their seats and immediately got quiet so they could hear what their teacher had to say.
“It appears we have a problem, class. Our pet turtle Wilma has disappeared from our classroom.”
How can that happen? Who would take Wilma, everyone wondered aloud.

#3Sunny had so much fun helping her mom to make their apple streusel blueberry pie. The blueberries were the secret ingredients Grandma had added in this year. They had already taste-tested it at home and it was absolutely a winner as far as Sunny was concerned. Once they had finished preparing their pie, they put it into their assigned oven and let it bake. They then began to clear their work area and wash up since Sunny had some flour in her ponytails and some on her face too.

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