Sunday, March 9, 2008

Home School Rights in Jeopardy, 9 & 7 Year Old Book Authors, Free Printables, & Books About Blind Children

Per the LA Times ( on February 28th, the 2nd District Court of Appeal ruled that parents must have a teaching credential to home school. Governor Arnold Schwarzeneger has since called for the reversal of this ruling which has many parents fearful of what this sort of decision will mean for their rights to teach their children. I do not home school but I do believe that parents rights should be protected in being able to do so if they chose to go this route. Hopefully, whatever happens moving forward is favorable for both students and parents as education is the primary concern here. For parents that do home school, or if you're interested in more information about it, check out one site at

9 & 7 Year Old Book Authors of My Grandma's Backyard

Do your children have dreams that they would like to fulfill when they grow up such as being a writer, artist, humanitarian, etc? Well, it's never too early to start working towards those goals. Just ask Miles and William Rabun who are brothers and the authors of My Grandma's Backyard ( The two young brothers are only 9 and 7 years old and wrote this book inspired by their real life experiences in their grandmother's backyard. They've won some awards for their work and have been instrumental in inspiring many other young children to start reading and writing for sheer enjoyment. Truly inspirational!

Free Printables For Kids

FREE! This is the word that always works for me. If you're looking for some fun, free, and educational games and activities that your children can download, check out Your kids can choose a theme they want to work on such as Easter, a birthday, Christmas, preschool fun, Mother's Day, and so much more. It has puzzles, crafts, and games that your little one's will enjoy.

Books About Visually Impaired (Blind) Children

Sunny's Adventure's, a children's mystery book will be released in the next month. And one of the things I know I want to do is have Sunny's Adventures available in braille format for blind children. I believe that whether a child is blind or hearing impaired, they should have every opportunity to be able to access children's books too. For books geared towards the experiences of blind children, you can check out: as there are some really great stories available that even children who can see would enjoy as well.

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