Sunday, March 2, 2008

NBA Star Ricky Pierce Publishes a New Children's Book, & Children's Health Improved With Breakfast

Bouncing Billy: A Learning Adventure by NBA Star Ricky Pierce

Retired NBA basketball star Ricky Pierce just came out with a new children's book called Bouncing Billy: A Learning Adventure ( This book has an important message of acceptance, encourages a love for reading, and promotes sports and health awareness. It's not just a book, but offers a whole program which you can check out at the above site - very inspirational for little ones.

Eating Breakfast Helps Promote Creativity in Children

Per Medical News Today (, children should eat breakfast each morning before going off to school as it increases their creativity and concentration in class. I believe this to be true as I survive on coffee early in the morning but soon mid day, my body tells me it requires more fuel than just caffeine. Because of this, more schools are starting to serve breakfast to help fuel kid's energy and brain function. Over all awareness of good health and eating is good to start employing at any age. Check out Carol Goodrow's site at as she has some very cool children's books and journal's that kid's can log their personal eating and exercise habits in.
Sunny's Adventures by Leketha Marie Johnson coming soon - stay tuned!

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